LEAN is “A systematic and disciplined approach to identify and eliminate waste (non-value-added activities) from our day to day business and professional life through continuous refinement until we get our intended outcome.

We at 6 Sigma Consulting team are on mission to make yourself and your business lean whether you are in service industry or in retail sector.

Why Lean?

  • Lean is the continuous journey for perfect process through waste elimination. We don’t leave any room for Waste.
  • All we are focus on time line from the moment the customer gives an order to the point when we collect the cash.  And this we achieve by reducing time line by removing non-value-added wastes.

Our coach and consultants, have functional industry experience across IT, Telecom, Retail, Health Care, Finance, banking and manufacturing industry

Our Lean Consulting and Training will empower you with:

  • 5S Implementation to save efforts and time.
  • I T M W O O D S – Elimination from your business.
  • VSM Implementation – Value Stream Mapping, our Coach at 6 SIGMA CONSULTING have carried out VSM Implementation across various sectors of the industry.

We apply and execute “Lean project management” as a method used to plan and execute a lean (improvement) project. There are many ways to do this, but the two most prevalent are the 6 Sigma DMAIC method or the Deming Cycle (Called the “A3” since the steps are recorded on an A3 size paper). Another type of lean project management is called Kanban which endeavours to increase productivity by limiting multitasking, keeping work uninterrupted.

It is no wonder that Framework like Agile and Scrum are gaining popularity now these days. New developments offer great opportunities for those willing to make the most out of it but it can be difficult not to get overwhelmed.

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