Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt

Lean and Six Sigma deliver business goals and objectives though the rigorous application of proven improvement methodologies. Combining both these methodologies eliminates waste, increases value and reduces variation. By focusing on the customer and delivering benefits quickly it is possible to improve quality performance and profitability simultaneously.

Organisations gain a competitive advantage when Lean Six-Sigma is implemented correctly. Lean Six-Sigma has been designed to encourage and reward proactive problem prevention as opposed to reactive problem solving. The THV Green Belt training offers you Lean Six-Sigma tools to maintain sustainable competitiveness through continuous improvement.

Green Belt participants will learn:

  • Robust problem-solving using the DMAIC improvement cycle
  • The difference between value-add and non-value add tasks
  • How to plan and execute an effective Lean Six-Sigma project
  • How to engage your team in process analysis
  • Lean Six-Sigma tools and techniques to make fact-based decisions
  • An introduction to Minitab statistical analysis software
  • A globally recognized competency to add to your tool kit of knowledge

Many organizations around the world are using to Six Sigma to provide them with a competitive edge, improve their processes, reduce costs, solve organizational problems and develop skill base to sustain improvement over a longer period of time. Overall, the Six Sigma Green Belt training helps one learn the objectives of Six Sigma, contribute towards improving efforts in services, acquire knowledge of data collection, process mapping, analyse and implement Six Sigma concepts.

Six Sigma is effective for all businesses. It provides a holistic view of processes that need to be streamlined to achieve higher ROI. Getting the workforce trained in Six Sigma Green Belt provides an in-depth understanding of the framework that in turn helps an organization to strive towards a common goal which is to improve the quality of the service or product.

LEAN 6σ Green belt training overview

By attending the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training course, participants will learn about the tools and the methods to support and become integral members of their organization’s Six Sigma Improvement Team. The curriculum is built in such a way that the Lean Six Sigma problem-solving strategy is continually demonstrated throughout the course. Through utilizing various statistical and business improvement tools, participants and trainers can clearly understand and communicate the flow and process of the methodology in order to instil both the tactical and strategic aspects of the LSS Green Belt skill set.

What Training will provide

This Lean Six Sigma course prepares participants to perform the role of a L6S Green Belt. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training materials comprise of a comprehensive curriculum covering everything within the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC body of knowledge required to successfully prepare candidates to achieve Green Belt certifications and performance standards.

On completion of this course participants will be have the following skills:

  • Identify the strategic benefits of Lean Six Sigma
  • Gain thorough knowledge of the Six Sigma DMAIC 15-step process
  • Understand the Lean concepts & their practical applications
  • Acquire a sound knowledge of the Lean tools & how to utilise them
  • Apply Six Sigma & Lean to deliver solutions to resolve business problems
  • Develop an understanding of the change management process to build & sustain a Lean Six Sigma culture

As a Six Sigma graduate, you will not only make an impact upon your career, but upon your life.