Company Profile

6 Sigma Consulting is on a mission to empower businesses in Australia to get rid of their business-related problems.

We believe in delivering tailored coaching and consulting services for the quality conscious end users. We understand that ensuring quality in your business operations and maintaining sustainable profit and loss paradigm is critical to the success of each business. That’s why we at 6 Sigma Consulting is committed to ensuring our clients meet their business goals by inducing the power of Lean & 6 Sigma values into their daily business operations.

What we do?

Why we do Consulting ?

Company Vision

Our vision is to become a trusted authority & Success partner behind:

Why Us

Target Market

Our Core Values​

We are focused on individualised attention to ensure optimal results for our customers

Customer Focus

Your satisfaction is our “Reward “


We own full responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for everything we do to ensure a positive outcome always.

Exceed Expectation

We use your expectations as a benchmark to achieve and exceed.

Continuous Improvement

We live with Continuous Improvement and take our personal development as seriously as we take yours.

Our Objectives

Our Objective is to build an eco-system where everyone is winner, especially those struggling businesses who can’t afford Big4 Consulting services. So we are here to

Why 6 Sigma ??