• 'Six Sigma' is on the way Mr Poor, who was in Australia this week with international chairman Darren Gardener, said the firm's approach to legal issues had adopted the "Six Sigma" and "Lean" techniques and was now robust but subject to continual improvement. For more click on
  • International Association for Six Sigma Certification and PEOPLECERT expand partnership IASSC (International Association for Six Sigma Certification) and PEOPLECERT have solidified an exclusive partnership to provide global reach to the only independent third-party certification available within the Lean Six Sigma industry. The partnership, which originated in 2009, has brought significant growth to both the association, IASSC and Examination Institute, PEOPLECERT.


Manufacturing group project at bath uni

A short video made for a manufacturing group project at bath uni. The video was limited to three minutes hence the rushed talking. Shout out to my mates for instantly disliking the vid, love you guys

Complete Six Sigma project example

This is a complete Six Sigma project example, from Charter to Control Plan. It shows how the tools work together in concert to guide decision making and problem solving. Some people tend to complicate Six Sigma. That's unfortunate. At it's core, Six Sigma is quite simple, especially if you're using the QuikSigma software to support the effort

Six Sigma is a quality improvement methodology

Six Sigma is a quality improvement methodology that utilises the DMAIC process. Six Sigma quality is equal to 3.4 defects per million opportunities. Six Sigma involves different levels of training and expertise including Master Black Belt, Black Belt, Green Belt, and Yellow Belt. This video explains the basics of six sigma.

Success for The Royal Catering Co

The Royal Catering Co with an expanding market share was finding it increasingly difficult to coordinate its order response times. As the business expanded, the sales team in their customer service role, did not have the time to consult with the chef regarding menu options, special dietary requirements & portions size for every potential order that came through. The kitchen brigade, under pressure from more orders, were less tolerant of variations in their routine preparation. Find out how 6 Sigma Consulting helped The Royal Catering Co achieve their goals. Brendan owner of The Royal Carting Co had recently attended a local council workshop where he was introduced to 6 Sigma Consulting and the principles of Lean 6Sigma. He recognised that his problem was a fairly typical one. What had been working up until now was ineffective and he had to address the issue of how to overcome process inefficiency. What also worried him; without a workable solution, he not only faced a downturn in business, as the community lost confidence, but also the drive and enthusiasm of his staff. Brendan enlisted the help of 6 Sigma Consulting who analysed the daily work practice and determined that, to resolve the problem, flow had to be re-established between the customer and sales team, the sales team and the kitchen, and the preparation content and priorities of the kitchen. Data was collected relating to Customer preferences & expectations relating to turn around time; menu variety etc Dietary requirements. Categorisation of orders regarding quantity; level of difficulty etc Initial changes were put in place: Communication A daily brief meeting between Sales and Kitchen to confirm what was scheduled or pre booked for the day & the available time and resources available to take “on the day” catering orders. Also any adjustments to menu options were to be noted & the Kitchen to keep the Sales team apprised of portions availability. The Sales team, better informed, were able to funnel customer needs into doable catering orders whilst being able to confidently and efficiently matching and exceeding expectations. Technique The kitchen brigade was given the task of reorganising itself so that it could better meet the changing demands. For example sandwich making had its own preparation area. Par levels for food preparation was expanded both by type & quantity so that food items were more often ready at hand when orders came in. These simple changes did not cost The Royal Catering Co anything however were instrumental to their ongoing sustainability and success.

Lean 6 Sigma in Action

Find out how 6 Sigma Consulting helped save Tim's packaging company.

Santa, A not so Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Did you know that Santa, is a not so Lean 6 Sigma expert? How else could he deliver presents to 2 billion children in one night?