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Business Improvement: Based on Pure Statistics

Sustaining a quality business is very critical, regarding profit and loss paradigm. THV Solutions Pty Ltd is a consulting and coaching company providing ...

6 Sigma Consulting

We help clients establish high-performing processes that grow with the company. What is Business Process Improvement (BPI)?

Project Management Consulting

At 6 Sigma consulting our experts have a deep understanding and extensive experience with a range of successful project management methodologies.

Vision Statement

  • To empower your business with the Power of Lean & 6 Sigma principles with quality coaching.
  • Handholding consulting for your business to ensure your guaranteed success.
  • Customer's always first and your satisfaction is our reward.

Why we are here?

  • Quality Coaching at an affordable cost with a high level of flexibility.
  • Relevant and Easy Lean 6Sigma training based on Service industry requirements rather than Manufacturing.
  • Quality Consulting – Customized solution and Hand holding support unique to your business need.